Interesting Perspective on Online Learning

Interesting perspectives. I have to agree.

Whay pay MORE or the same cost if you are using fewer resources?

US to Relinquishing Remaining Control over the Internet

This is one development I’ll be watching very closely.

So far the U.S. government, while, responsible for ICANN has kept it’s hands off ICAnn functions (as far as we know).

Given how billions of dollars and multiple industries and jobs reply on the internet,  many of us will be watching to see what happens closely when the US gov relinquishes control the organization that manages domain names and IP addresses.

I’m all for government butting out, but in this case some articles are claiming that control will now go to private “stakeholders”. Perhaps the most frightening part of these “stakeholders“, beyond their apparent anonymity is that international bodies may lack the level of accountability found in the US government and the culture of freedom of expression.


If that is indeed the true, we need to follow this closely.

Patent Trolls Must be Shaking

Yesterday the U.S. Patent office launched an online toolkit yesterday to help entrepreneurs deal with demand letters. There are far too many trolls extorting the little guy in the name of defending patents and often times the little guy doesn’t have the resources to defend himself. This tool is a welcome development!

Ever need to copy entire FTP directories via the command line or a script?

You could always use the standard linux ftp utility with get commands but it’s verbose and if you get disconnected you are out of luck.

Consider using a download manager. Download manager are nice because they report the status of your download.

I personally like wget. Many people know they can use wget for HTTP but it can just as easily be used for FTP connections.


wget -m --ftp-user=onjefu --ftp-password=<fakepassword>

You can also use it for wild cards. In the examp below (1,2,3,4,5) are wild cards in the file name that the command will download from the FTP.

wget -m --ftp-user=onjefu --ftp-password=<fakepassword>{1,2,3,4,5}.files.tgz

Been working on an internationalization project…

In that project we introduced an SOA that included a contexual service that is locale aware.

What I’d like to see is a dynamic context builder. In other words a tool that lets anyone define a context based on virtually any user data.

God knows…

God knows that I love America, but we have a long ways to go as far as mutual respect.

I highly doubt there would have been as much uproar if this kid- who is part of a mariachi band- had worn a kilt and played the bagpipes. Let’s get it together America!

Do You Really Need jQuery?

I would say we NEED jQuery as much as we need cars.

Sometimes if you want a cup of coffee from across the street, getting the car from the garage, navigating out and crossing the street only to have to find another space is a lot less efficient  than a simply walking across the street.

Then again you may be making multiple stops so a car may be more efficient.

The same rules apply to jQuery. Craig Butler makes a similar points in his article Do You Really Need jQuery

If you are not prepared to be wrong

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original. ” – Sir Ken Robinson.

The Seeds of hatred

There will always be those who will go to great lengths to find fault with you.

You show them kindness and they show you contempt.

You have their backs in their time of need but they look the other way in your own.

You cannot change the ugliness in some people’s hearts.  Whether its fear, insecurities or latent twinges of superiority, a number of factors can cause people to do evil things to anyone  they perceive as weaker.

So the rumours are true?

Not that the S4 is significantly different.