Google Updates It’s Logo

I’ts definitely  easier on the eyes, what do you think?


Reinventing the Data Warehouse

Looks interesting.

Extending Chrome

It’s been a three years since I wrote my first chrome extension. It was a proof of concept that became a sanctioned project.  Looking at it again, It’s amazing what a couple years and a few thousand ours does to your perspectives on old code.

Other than that, I’ve been aware of javascript since  on buggy Netscape Navigator browsers in the early 2000s and Microsofts version of the same standard in IE3. It’s amazing mature it’s become and how much it’s dominating the front-end, in part aided by superior modern browsers like Firefox and Chrome and their debugging tools.
Can’t imagine doing anything on the front-end without superior debugging tools.

What matters most when writing code? (Readability? Performance?)

This debate is so tired.


So many sharding techniques are around but some of the most useful are the simplest to understand.
This article is an oldie but goodie.


we cannot shuffle our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature, we must shoulder it ourselves for it is our responsibility.

We hacked Healthcare…

and won!

I met with county officials, their tech team, various agencies, and fellow innovators and we hacked he heck out of healthcare in 12 hours! 3+ hours were spent on illuminating discussions of the Medi-Cal system.

What a great time!

Let’s see what they do with our creation.

Hacking Healthcare

Onjefu, America, and Hector

#hackforLA, HackingHealthCareLA


Interesting Perspective on Online Learning

Interesting perspectives. I have to agree.

Whay pay MORE or the same cost if you are using fewer resources?

US to Relinquishing Remaining Control over the Internet

This is one development I’ll be watching very closely.

So far the U.S. government, while, responsible for ICANN has kept it’s hands off ICAnn functions (as far as we know).

Given how billions of dollars and multiple industries and jobs reply on the internet,  many of us will be watching to see what happens closely when the US gov relinquishes control the organization that manages domain names and IP addresses.

I’m all for government butting out, but in this case some articles are claiming that control will now go to private “stakeholders”. Perhaps the most frightening part of these “stakeholders“, beyond their apparent anonymity is that international bodies may lack the level of accountability found in the US government and the culture of freedom of expression.


If that is indeed the true, we need to follow this closely.

Patent Trolls Must be Shaking

Yesterday the U.S. Patent office launched an online toolkit yesterday to help entrepreneurs deal with demand letters. There are far too many trolls extorting the little guy in the name of defending patents and often times the little guy doesn’t have the resources to defend himself. This tool is a welcome development!